Francis Fitzgerald – Photographer

29 June 2023

‘A good photograph is knowing where to stand’ – Ansel Adams

Our photographer Francis Fitzgerald always stands in the right place.

A passionate supporter of the local music and art scene, he has brilliantly captured the energy and excitement of many of our gigs and events over the last few years.

Originally from Wales, Francis became interested in photography during his stint as a graphic design tutor at CCAD (now the Northern School of Art).  Now a professional photographer he  combines his work with his love of travel, and a lot of his recent work was created over the course of a number trips to India.

Back in the North-East, he has exhibited in Saltburn, Redcar and at Base Camp in Middlesbrough. He is currently building up a distinctive portrait portfolio working with a diverse range of models that includes artists, dancers and musicians.

If you want to see more of his work, have a peek at his Instagram here: f.stopfitzgerald_

Or if you want to speak to him about capturing your event or project, then his email is: